Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Saturday in the park

So I hate blog posts that start out with excuses about why it's been so long since the author has posted! Suffice it to say that alot of "life" has been happening over the past couple years! The homesteading dream is still alive - but unfortunately it is still mostly a dream at this point! But I wanted to share a few pics from a little hike that I went on with two of my sons and one of my grown daughters. This is a pretty little two mile hike that is part of the Riverside State Park system in Spokane County. 

The weather was perfect - sunny and low 40s.This is a little trail, about 5 minutes from my house, called "Indian Painted Rock". It follows a stretch of the Little Spokane River and is home to deer, beaver, ducks, and moose. We saw lots of ducks...but I'm afraid we were a bit too noisy to see much else!

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