Saturday, February 8, 2014

Building a Cabin for Free - Part 4

Well obviously it has been forever since I posted. Let's just say "life happened" over the past year or so - including finding a new job in Seattle - while still living in Spokane (talk about a commute!), quitting that job after nine months and starting a new job here in Spokane. Needless to say the future homestead has been on the back burner for awhile. And that also means I haven't done anything with the cabin - well that's not quite true...

My kids and I were wanting to do something "cabin-ish" so we decided to take the reclaimed materials we did have and build a fort for the boys in the back yard. It's not a real cabin but it was good practice.

It's a 6x8 floor plan and you'll see in the pictures it's still a work in progress. The good news is I haven't spent any money except for nails and screws. Everything else was scrounged by me. I basically got a roof on it right before winter hit. I'm pleased to announce the roof works fine - no leaks!

You'll notice I piled a bunch of plywood and other materials in it for safe keeping until we finish it in the spring. You'll also notice a few side light windows (one has been installed and one is laying in the fort) that I salvaged from some door remodels I did with my brother.

Of course I've promised the boys once it's done in the spring we'll sleep out a few times. I'll also need to start acquiring more materials for the actual cabin. I'm thinking of maybe trying a log cabin as we have a lot of timber.