Saturday, March 17, 2012

A walk in the country...

I mentioned in my last blog that I was planning to head over to Coeur d 'Alene to pick up some free wood. Well, we had a slight change of plans and, hopefully, the free wood will still be available next Saturday.
But, this change of plans meant I had some time to go hiking with two of my sons, Noah (5) and Adam (3). We live in Spokane, WA and are within minutes of several nice hiking trails. So we hike quite a bit.
The weather was a bit chilly and breezy but a good time was had by all. There is nothing like a walk in the woods to help clear your head. In fact everytime I'm in the woods it reaffirms my desire to live full-time in the country.

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  1. Congratulations on your homesteading's well worth it!!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and following it. We're trying to do in many ways the same thing your family is, only I am 45 and my husband is 60 so we don't have the advantage of unlimited youthful vigor going for us, but hopefully of patience and a little wisdom gleaned along the way?? :) I tried to add your blog to my blogroll but I have so many on the list it's rejecting my further attempts. I'll hopefully update things soon and recategorize...anyway, thanks for stopping by and your blog looks great!